Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Calling all fans of Cupcake Envy!!!!!

Cupcake Envy receives many emails asking for tips and advice for recreating some of our most popular mini cake designs so we have decided to pursue a book query so that we can share with our fans and fellow cake designers a colorful step by step instruction guide for creating fabulous mini cake gifts!!! We are a grass roots company and are anxiously searching for the right literary agent to represent us and help us get our book on the shelf. We plan to offer tons of color photographs of various mini cake designs including our tricks and self designed templates along with packaging ideas and tools needed for each project.
Help us get the word out and if you know a reputable agent or are an agent yourself please sent us an email, we are very excited to get to work!!!!

Thank you to all of our clients and fellow bakers for all of your praise and kind words!!!!!!!

Lets get Cupcake Envy in print!!!!!

Happy Baking

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