Monday, September 21, 2009

Dessert Trends - The mini cake - Cupcake Envy Wants to Hear From You!


The ladies at Cupcake Envy are doing some thoughtful research regarding mini cakes and want your feedback! Mini cakes are basically miniature cakes known also as petite cakes, fairy cakes, tea cakes, cakelets, and petit fours. Cupcake Envy's business focuses on the concept of individual servings of cake, whether they be artfully decorated, sculpted, or simple and sweet. What are your thoughts regarding the mini cake? Have you even created mini cakes for a family function or as a professional cake designer? If so, did you find them relatively easy to create and were you happy with your end result?

We adore mini cakes and the limitless possibilities they offer. From party favors and gifts to plated desserts and themed celebrations, we consider the mini cake the ultimate dessert, a cupcake without a wrapper, a sweet little work of art.

Cupcake Envy wants to hear from you!!! Send us your mini cake pics, chat about your mini cakes or just mini cakes in general......

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