Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cupcake Envy Gives Mini Cakes a New Name

A cakelet is basically the same size as a cupcake, a single serving of cake, baked in any shaped you desire. No wrappers required. Cakelets can be baked from specialty pans to look like flowers or little bundt cakes, square, rectangles, rounded, or domed, just to name a few. Similar in idea to petit fours, cakelets can be iced in buttercream, glazed, covered in melted candies, or covered in fondant. Now that shape is no longer a restriction, as is in the case of the cupcake, the possibilities to create a really cool cakelet is exciting and easy to do!

Upstaged by the cakelet, cupcakes still have their place in the dessert world. They make great desserts for a larger group or classroom of sugar obsessed children but the cakelet is special and is served to the guest of honor. Miniature in scale, the cakelet is a micro version of a grand sculpted cake yet fits in the palm of a hand and is made to be enjoyed solely for the guest of honor. Many of Cupcake Envy’s clients choose a custom cakelet design accompanied by coordinating cupcakes. The cakelet remains the showstopper, created especially for the recipient, and is the envy of all party guests. The cupcake may be left feeling envious, no longer the star of the dessert table, having been outshined by cakelets decorated to look like dresses, purses, and shopping bags and that is what we call Cupcake Envy.

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Patti said...

This was my daughter's engagement cake for her engagement party on 11/14. We also had cupcakes to match. Everyone loved them!! The cake was adorable!!