Monday, December 7, 2009

Cupcake Envy Video Mini-clips

Cupcake Envy's video mini clips have begun!

Once a week, Cupcake Envy will be posting video mini-clips with tips and tricks so you too can recreate some of our most popular designs. In addition, mini-clips will also include different decorating techniques sure to add the Wow Factor to any of your desserts.

As we work on our weekly series, email us with your questions and curiosities....we just may make a video mini clip devoted to your requests!

Happy Decorating!


Aunt of 14 said...


I came looking for you by way of cake wrecks. I absolutely fell in love with your ornament cupcakes!!

I keep seeing signs that you can ship nationwide... but I cannot figure out how to order anything from your shop. I must be missing something. Do you sell your items online? If so, where can I go? :)

bon-bon-bun said...

I absolutely adore the mini ornament cakes you created :) I'm glad I stumbled onto you're website through cake wrecks, you're work is really inspiring.