Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cupcake Envy on Youtube

Cupcake Envy's Youtube Channel

Want to learn more about making Cakelets or just curious to learn about the gals behind Cupcake Envy? Check out our Youtube channel where we post step by step tutorials, behind the scenes montages, and outtakes. Along with my kids being themeselve. Sam's talent show dancing video is pretty cool along with my older son Ben's homework meltdown.....gotta love being a mom and running a business!!! Every hundred subscribers, we release a new tutorial so don't forget to subscribe!!
Oh, our earlier videos, although very informative, have a Blair Witch like filming effect (basically our focused sucked) but stick with them and I promise the more recent ones are great (though we like to keep alittle Blair Witch in every video)

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