Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Flower pot cakelets made easy

Flower Pot Cakelets made easy!

The flower pot cakelet designs is so versatile. They make a great gift for Mother's Day, teacher's gifts, bridal showers, or a just because gift to your besty.
So, using the baking pan we are blogging about for the month, here is a design you would think this pan was made for! 
We hope you give it a try and post your flower pot pics on Cupcake Envy's Facebook page .
  What you'll need:
  • Wilton Jumbo muffin pan
  • Flower cutters (the blossom plungers are great for this!)
  • Chocolate fondant and various shades of pink fondant
  • Optional;  Cupcake Envy has created a template for this pan shape to cut precisely the fondant needed to wrap around the design perfectly
  • Pastry wheel, cornstarch, rolling pin, paintbrush, and cup of water
  • veiner tool
  • parchment paper

Step 1 - Pour cake batter of choice into the pan and bake.
Step 2 -  If your cake baked higher then the pan, cut away excess so that the top on the cake is evenly flat with the pan. Remove cake from oven and allow the cake to cool. 
Step 3 - Wrap your cakelet in plastic wrap and lace in the freezer to chill. (up to 24 hours is fine)
Step 4 - Remove from freezer and turn cakelet upside down on a piece of parchment paper.
Step 5 - Crumbcoat the cakelet
Step 6 - Roll out chocolate fondant and place template on top, using a pastry wheel to cut out the shape.
Step 7 - Remove the template and wrap fondant around the cakelet.
Step 8 - Roll out chocolate fondant and cut a strip approximately a half an inch wide.
Step 9 - Apple water to the base of the cakelet using a paintbrush.
Step 10 - Adhere chocolate fondant strip to the base of the cakelet. (make sure to line up the strip's seam with the seam of the pot)

YAY!!! The pot is done and you are ready to flip the pot right side up and place on a new piece of parchment.  Time to decorate with flowers!

Finishing the flower pot cakelet

Step 1 - Using excess cake, a cupcake, or a half sphere from the mini ball pan, adhere the extra cake to the top of the flower pot with buttercream.(adding this cake will give your flower arrangement volume)
Step 2 - Since we are using shades of pink for the flower, roll out the darkest shade pink and cover the cake on top of the flower pot.  (we do this so no cake is visible through the flowers)
Step 3 - Brush the entire fondant covered dome with water so that the flowers will stick to the dome.
Step 4 - Using the various shades of pink flowers and various sized blossom plungers, make a nice variety of flowers.
Step 5 - (killing 2 birds with one stone) Adhere the flowers to the dome using the veining tool.  This will help make flower placement easy and as you push the flower into the dome you will also be adding a veining texture to the inside of the flower.
The cherry on the Sundae - Use a scalloped circle cutter and apply it to the flower pot with your besty's monogram or name.  Customizing cakelets is what we are all about.

I hope you enjoyed our Flower Pot Cakelet tutorial. Sign up and follow our blog for up to date cakelet news, pictures, and tutorials get to work! 


Tanisha said...

Very Cool but was wondering can we have the template?

Anonymous said...

Very nice! I could see doing these for mothers day or birthday. Is the templete hard to make?

MsMona said...

I am interested in trying these cakelets. Can you tell me where I can get the template or provide instructions on how to make it?

Divalicious said...

These are absolutely amazing. Can't wait to make these for Mother's Day! Is the template available or could I make it myself?

Anonymous said...

I was also looking for the it possible to download it? Just bought the Jumbo pan and cant wait to start!

Anonymous said...

hi amy! thanks so much for sharing your awesome cake ideas to us. i for one truly appreciate it. may i just ask, what if i only need to make 1 flower pot cakelet? there are 6 holes in the jumbo muffin pan and i only need 1, what would be the best thing to do? thanks so much!