Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fortune Telling

Fortune Telling Cakelets?

Okay, I admit it.  I love to get my palm read on the boardwalk.
 If someone offers to do a tarot card reading, I'm there! So, it only makes  sense to celebrate all things mystical.  
To start, I covered the cake board with red fondant and using a ruler, I indented vertical lines.  Next, I used charcoal peta dust and a paintbrush to bring out the lines and add a bit of "old and spooky" look to anchor the cakelets to come.
The Ouija Board was created using edible imaging.  It wasn't until I Googled ouija boards did I realize how many different styles there were!  But I went with a classic look.

Next came the crystal ball.  The ball itself is a sphere shaped cakelet covered in white fondant and dusted with silver luster dustThe base is a circle shaped piece of cake cut from a small sheet cake baked in a brownie pan and covered in blue with fondant stars.  I dusted the ball with antique silk luster dust and charcoal petal dust to give it some depth. Lastly, I added a tarot card printed using edible imaging.  I chose The Fool because that is not far from the truth for me.  If they had crazy lady, that would have been most fitting.
The final Cakelet design was the Fortune Telling machine. The Zoltar takes me back to my childhood when I used to love the movie Big. ( I still do)  I used the remaining cake left from the brownie pan stacked and shaped it accordingly.  The machine is actually 2 pieces; the base and the curtained top secured with a lollypop dowel.
 I covered the machine in chocolate fondant adding wood grain accents.  The red curtain was attached and then I dusted the creases with charcoal petal dust for depth.  Lastly, the fortune and the Zoltar sign were done with edible imaging. I hope my fortune was a good one!

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