Tuesday, September 30, 2008

American Bakery Expo

Long time, no see! We have been super busy! Amy and I just got back from Atlantic City! No, not to gamble and reinvest all of our winnings into Cupcake Envy, but to go to the American Bakery Expo! We had an awesome time. We took a sculpting cakes workshop with Bronwen Weber. We made Frankenstein cakes. Amy and I were blown away by the size of these things. We are so used to working with things that are small that we had some trouble with cake that was so big!

We took plenty of time to walk around the expo and we ran into some pretty famous people. Well, famous in our world anyway! We saw Collette Peters doing a demo with fondant. We met and chatted with Norm Davis from The Sweet Life Bakery and NUMEROUS Food Network Challenges. Also, Keegan Gerhard, who hosts the Food Network Challenges. It was quite a weekend!

Did I mention that Ron Ben Israel is my new man! I love him! He is not only an awesome artist but what a sense of humor on that one!

We sat in on a seminar with him. He showed us how to create sugar paste flowers. He makes it look effortless. They are truly a work of art.

We also met some awesome girls from the Philly area. Laura Cortesi owns and operates Bella's a dessert catering company about an hour outside of Philadelphia. She is a SMART, SMART, SMART woman whose business sense is impecable. We also met Tina Freels who owns and operates Tina Freels Cakes in Havertown, PA. Tina took 3 awards in the cake decorating contests. She is truly talented. These ladies were a HOOT! We ate, drank and had a great time with these girls.

Hopefully, the trip was worth it! I hope that I can put into use the tremendous amount of skills that I learned and that I can keep up with Amy and all of her crazy order skills!

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Brian said...

The cakes look delicious. Especially the Frankenstein one. I'm sure it takes great skill to make the custom cakes. Great pictures and very nice blog. Now I am extremely hungry. :)