Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Skirt! Raleigh

You heard it first here! We are now famous! Skirt! Raleigh has featured an article about Cupcake Envy. Please hold all fan mail....(j.k.) Check us out in Skirt!

-Amy and Chris

Photo by Faith Dwight
she`s so skirt!
Amy and Christina Icing Queens
When Amy volunteered to make cupcakes for her son’s elementary school Thanksgiving party, she had no idea where it would lead. “I made traditional cupcakes, then topped them with tiny turkey plates, which I made out of sliced almonds, and green fruit pastilles.” Amy’s classroom cupcake-making has since morphed into a full-blown business – called Cupcake Envy - and her designs have graduated from cutesy to downright incredible. Some favorites include plates of sushi, wedding dresses, and dreidels – all made completely of cake and icing. Christina, Amy’s next-door neighbor, started helping out a little less than a year ago. But, as the business has continued to boom, Christina has stepped into a full-time role, taking orders and answering e-mails. “We have a good time,” says Christina. “We spend a lot of time trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t.”
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Amy is a mom to three boys, and Christina just had her first child, a son, last year.
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