Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Kitchen Cakelets

Retro Kitchen Cakelets

There's something really cool about the 50's era.  Fun colors, shapes, and style are evident in every part of 50's life.  From furniture and cars to fashion and architecture, everything about the 50's are so cool.

The cake board is covered in black and white fondant squares then brushed with vodka to give it some shine.  I chose to do the color blue for the stove and frig. cakelets for 2 reasons; blue is my favorite color and also a very popular 50's color.  
Next, we're on to the stove cakelet.  I did a ton of Google searches to find the exact stove I had in mind.  It had to have rounded edges, alittle bit of chrome, and a touch of whimsy.
To finish off the stove, I brushed the entire cakelet with vodka. (ps- brush the blue part first and THEN the black.  Vodka will pick up the black color and smear it into the blue which kinda sucks.)

Lastly, there is the refrigerator.  Again, I Googled like crazy until I found the right one.
 The refrigerator cakelet design is pretty simple and complimented the stove well. I also brushed it with vodka for some shine.
  I swear my Hungarian grandma still has a similar looking frig. in her basement to this day.


Meg Dias said...

You are such an inspiration! I just love your designs...

Maybe someday I can be in the US and take a course with you.

Baking salutations from Brazil!!!

Grace Cakes said...

Wow! I just found your blog and I love it! Cakelets are such a great idea!

I know that covering small cakes is actually quite hard (harder than big cakes for me) so I take my hat off to you! Awesome work!!